• Dan Savage

Plus Ten Media to launch the Plus Ten Directory

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

An updatable groups guide. A non-disposable piece of direct mail.

Contained in a usable, convenient, lightweight and portable personal organiser.

PLUS TEN is a database of some of the top Group Travel Organisers and Coach Operators in the country who make up a large percentage of the £180million a year spent annually on group travel in the UK.

Each has been selected and invited to join PLUS TEN, receiving a personal organiser complete with calendar, notepad, pen, a USB stick filled with official assets and everything they need to know about group rates, the venue and local area for Theatre, Attractions, Food & Drink, Accommodation, Destinations and Suppliers.

Completely independent, PLUS TEN can direct sales and enquiries to the supplier of choice, be it the venues own group sales team or your preferred ticket agent.

New or updated pages will be supplied quarterly in January, March and June, along with solus updates via post and email.

Launching in October, each member will receive their personal organiser and details to view and download the content online using the PLUS TEN platform, as well as being able to request specific assets for their marketing.

To be involved, speak to Dan Savage on dan@PlusTen.co.uk